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“Australian Made” wins legal action against Chinese counterfeit imports

Illegal Imports

Illegal imports into Australia is on the rise

“Australian Made” wins legal action against Chinese counterfeit imports featuring trademarks.

EAORON trademark skincare products were produced.

$150,000 of the branded product arrived on Australian shores from China, featuring the fake logo “Australian Made”.

They were seized by customs officials on the basis of false trademark claims.

Tips to Save your Business from Counterfeit Imports

Counterfeit imports are on the rise due to the e-commerce boom as more people shop online, so you need to be proactive. So how can your business stop fake products using the power leveraged in your brand and trademark?

  1. Ensure your Intellectual Property is in place, up to date and properly protected by Trademark Attorneys (many trademarks are out of date, invalid due to incorrect detail, or have gaps which don’t cover the counterfeit product):
  2. Customs require your intellectual property to be legally correct, otherwise Customs won’t act.
  3. Correct content is not assessed by the Australian Intellectual Property Government body when you lodge a trademark application, so you could have an accepted but unenforceable trademark providing you with a false sense of security.
  4. Have a Trademark Attorney regularly watch newly lodged trademark applications, or monitor internet activity, which could be close to yours.
  5. Alert your legal representatives early if you come across tip-offs, preferably before the shipment arrives.

Get help from Trademark Attorneys

See our Trademark Attorneys to help you Register Trademark rights for your brand, logo, slogan or business by filling out this form.

Ensure you request a yearly audit by your Trademark Attorneys to ensure your trademark rights don’t have gaps in coverage and to investigate your actual use doesn’t jeopardise your trademark rights, or case.

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