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Alex is the founding Director of Australian Patent & Trademark Services Pty Ltd (founded in 2006; 10 years) and has practiced as an Intellectual Property consultant for 18 years.

On a daily basis he advises many companies throughout Australia and globally on how to best implement protection for their innovations.  

Before founding this firm, Alex wanted to better understand commercialisation and business practices, so he further studied and was awarded a Business Management Certificate IV (2006).

Since joining the patent attorney profession in 1998, he has worked for two Patent Attorney firms, in Adelaide and Melbourne for 8 years (1998-2006). 

During this time, he also worked on secondment as an IP Manager for Adelaide Research and Innovation (ARI) for a 6 month period which allows him to better understand the interactions between business and Intellectual Property. 

His business and working background allows him to better plan and implement a more integrated and realistic Intellectual property plan for his clients.

Alex's technological degree is in Science (with Honours) from The University of Adelaide (1994-1997).

Alex is a family man who enjoys cooking, baking, gardening, hiking and the outdoors.


  • B Sc (Chemistry) | LLB (Hons)


Cathy is a Senior Associate with 25 years intellectual property experience in Australia.

Prior to this she worked as a Patent Examiner at the New Zealand Patent Office.

Cathy applies extensive patent and trademark experience to ensure clients’ interests are managed effectively, professionally and with accurate detail.

In particular, she has extensive knowledge and experience in oppositions, infringement matters, dispute resolution, chemical patents and pharmaceutical patents. 

On the side, Cathy enjoys reading, travelling and music.