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 Alex Ferrante

Alex Ferrante

Director of Australian Patent & Trademark Services Pty Ltd.

GOOGLE’s Trademark infringed by illegitimate Registration of two Business Names: Google LLC and Google Legacy.

Google’s Trademark Lawyers have succeeded to de-register two businesses Google LLC and Google Legacy, registered by Jason Weeks through the Australian Securities and Information Commission (ASIC).

The court ruled that ASIC has to transfer the business names to Google because illegitimate use of the business names, the domain name and the name Google had been made by Jason Weeks.

Jason Weeks had also registered the website

Jason weeks also registered eight different Facebook accounts containing the GOOGLE Trademark, including GoogleMatrix, GoogleMagic, GoogleLegend, PixelLegacy, ChicagoLegacy, GoogleInfinite and GoogleStereo.

Jason Weeks did not lodge a defence or even show up to the proceedings.

By Court order, the two Business names Google LLC and Google Legacy will be transferred by ASIC.

Any business operator should always have their brand checked by a Registered Trademark Attorney before adopting the brand.

Registration of a business or company name through ASIC does not provide any legal ownership of the name, and can be removed through Court proceedings.

If you want to safe-guard yourself against Trademark infringement proceedings, see our Trademark Attorney today by filling out this form:

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