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Since beginning in 2006, our patent and trademark attorney firm has become well known for intellectual property (IP) services.

Our experience minimises your risk of infringements and helps avoid hidden traps.

Our services seek to prevent you from being threatened with Court Action because of a missed trademark. Our detailed searching services prevent you from setting up a trading structure or logos which include an infringing name.

Trademarks, Brands, Logos:

Investigate your brand before trading

Trademark applications can alert a competitor to your infringement, so have your brand assessed before applying.

RECOMMENDATION - have a detailed legal investigation conducted by a qualified trademark attorney before trading with a brand.


Our Clients Say

  • Google Reviews

    We have outstanding reviews, see: Google Reviews

    ““A business manager recommended we look into protecting our company’s Name & logo with trademarks as we were looking into expanding our business. We initially tried to complete the process ourselves and not only were we unsuccessful, we later found out that had we been successful we would have only had minimal protection of our name & logo. Australian Patent and Trademark Services were professional, precise & explained all of the somewhat complicated Trademark “lingo” in terms we could understand."

    • Adelaide, Australia

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a form of intellectual property, typically a name, word, phrase, logo, symbol, design or image, or a combination of any of these elements. Trademarks distinguish your products or services from those of competitors.


  • Trademarks



    Many Australian businesses have bad experiences with scam companies offering trademarks but they are not legally qualified or experts.

    Business owners confidently choose our firm because we are members of the Australian Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorneys.

    We are also Australian Government Registered (licenced) to represent as Trademark Attorneys here.

    Beware of inadequate "free search offers" seeking to gain your business.

    They are often what you could do yourself, and potentially set you up for compensation claims because they are not conducted by a Trademark Attorney.



  • Patents



    Your innovation or invention may be patentable if you have not used or disclosed it.

    Our Patent Attorneys spend the extra time to assist you.

    Make sure your agent IS a Patent Attorney.



  • DESIGNS (products)



    There is so much conflicting online information.

    How do you know what is correct?

    Make sure your agent IS a Patent Attorney.