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Why choose our firm?

There is a good deal of wasted money time and effort if businesses apply and fail, only to find out that they need to re-apply, with the risk that someone else may have filed correctly the first time round.

The process may look easy, but is complex and requires a high level legal skill.

Our firm makes it easy for you and achieves the best results for you.

Scammers target trademark applicants who do not have legal representatives:

Many scammers will screen out applicants who are represented.

If we represent you, we deal with the Trademarks Office, and you are less likely to be targeted. Also you only respond to correspondence from our firm, and can ignore unsolicited mail from other sources.

Our unique difference:

Membership 1: Our Director was elevated to FELLOW status at the Australian Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorneys. This accreditation & status in the intellectual property (IP) industry is highly screened to provide confidence in quality and delivery. Many clients, choose a quality patent attorney because they are accredited.

Membership 2: Australian Patent & Trademark Services Pty Ltd is a Registered Firm.

One of the few: As of September 2013, our firm is only one of fourteen registered corporate patent attorney firms, helping us understand the issues faced by companies, and placing us in alignment with many of our corporate clients.

Quality: Our firm prides itself on quality work, we put the time & thoroughness to detail certainty for our clients, and the future of their IP. Don't be thwarted by cheaper equivalents who offer a cheap deal, and compensate by spending little effort and time on their client's case.

Background: Our attorneys are from reputable Melbourne and Adelaide patent and trademark attorney firms.

Spending the time: With twenty-five (25) years experience in patent and trademarks, we minimise IP risks of Court action, and maximise the opportunity of capturing copycats. We spend the time to deliver a broader scope of rights, making it cost-effective for the longer term.

Up-to-date on the laws: The Attorneys at our firm regularly attend seminars discussing the latest intellectual property trends and laws, so that you are always at the forefront when it comes to advice, infringement searches, applications or registrations.

Global & Australian experience: See examples of our happy Australian and global clients.

Our role

Being sued for using a trading name or brand, or someone taking your brand from you, are all too common outcomes when proper trademark infringement searches are not conducted before using or applying to register a name as a trademark.

Our role is to reduce or eliminate this risk for a business, and to ensure that the intellectual property rights are broad enough to ward off and/or stop copycats who seek to steal customers and profits.

Our clients are pleased that they have entrusted their affairs to us, particularly when they are alerted to issues they would not otherwise be aware of, and they receive our simple and easy to understand explanations and advice.

Our clients also see how we transform complex issues, raised during the trademark registration processes, into easy decisions.


With our experience we make sure that, in years to come, your registered intellectual property rights properly cover you and your business, so you can stop copycats.

With an impeccable and trusted record, our firm has experienced rapid growth through referrals from happy clients.

Providing thorough and transparent advice, without taking shortcuts, has been the backbone for our patent and trademark attorney firm's success.


With over 18 years intellectual property experience, our patent attorney director is also a FELLOW of the Australian Institute of Patent & Trademark Attorneys, the highest experience marker in the industry, see:

Fellow of the Australian Patent Attorney Institute

In addition, our firm is registered by the Government as a Patent Attorney Firm, see:

Registered Australian Firm by the Australian Government

Our firm is a provider of intellectual property services to clients of the Adelaide City Council and Austrade.


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    We have outstanding reviews, see: Google Reviews

    ““A business manager recommended we look into protecting our company’s Name & logo with trademarks as we were looking into expanding our business. We initially tried to complete the process ourselves and not only were we unsuccessful, we later found out that had we been successful we would have only had minimal protection of our name & logo. Australian Patent and Trademark Services were professional, precise & explained all of the somewhat complicated Trademark “lingo” in terms we could understand."

    • Adelaide, Australia