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DESIGNS (products)




Protect your unique design and force others to create around you.

We specialise in protecting designs for products and product improvements.

The design protection system will provide you with a marketplace monopoly for up to 10 years, provided that the application content is legally correct.

To proceed with protecting your product design, please take a few minutes to fill out our online form.



  • Making it easy for you, and reporting to you only when essential, saving you time.
  • Researching to identify infringements of Australian Designs.
  • Preparing and submitting Australian design applications.
  • Addressing any objections, refusals or oppositions to registration of your design.
  • Handling your legal obligations and deadlines.
  • Overseas design rights.
  • Enforcing design rights.

Design Examples:

Provided they are new, virtually any product appearance or shape can be protected, including:

Bicyle helmets

Vehicle spoilers

Mobile phones

Office chairs

Bicycle frames

Bus seats

Plant pots

Hardware Tools

Protect your market from copiers

Providing 25 years intellectual property experience

Many businesses neglect intellectual property aspects of their intended overseas expansion, and notify our firm when it is far too late to acquire offshore design protection.

It is very easy to miss a deadline that you were not aware of or did not understand, or to miss protect the design by lodging the incorrect content.

Did you know?

Commercially successful designs can be licenced to others for a fee?





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  • Trademarks



    Many Australian businesses have bad experiences with scam companies offering trademarks but they are not legally qualified or experts.

    Business owners confidently choose our firm because we are members of the Australian Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorneys.

    We are also Australian Government Registered (licenced) to represent as Trademark Attorneys here.

    Beware of inadequate "free search offers" seeking to gain your business.

    They are often what you could do yourself, and potentially set you up for compensation claims because they are not conducted by a Trademark Attorney.



  • Patents



    Your innovation or invention may be patentable if you have not used or disclosed it.

    Our Patent Attorneys spend the extra time to assist you.

    Make sure your agent IS a Patent Attorney.



  • DESIGNS (products)



    There is so much conflicting online information.

    How do you know what is correct?

    Make sure your agent IS a Patent Attorney.