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Having a Trademark Lawyer or Trademark Attorney represent you is a must

TRADEMARK OWNERS – Contact your Trademark Lawyer or Trademark Attorney before you pay a bill.

Having a relationship with a Trademark Lawyer or Trademark Attorney is essential these days to avoid paying scam bills.

Just about every Trademark owner receives official looking invoices (letters) in the post seeking payment of a Trademark Fee, and stating all their trademark details.

Many DIY (unrepresented) Trademark owners are the primary target because they don’t have a Trademark Attorney or Trademark Lawyer that they can call and check it with.

Many of our clients benefit from being able to ring their trusted Trademark Attorney to check posted invoices. Relationship with private representatives are key.

The Government and Federal Police cannot stop these letters as the organisation are overseas.

You can’t ignore the letters in case it is legitimate, otherwise your rights will permanently lapse.

You can find our Registered Trademark Attorneys Registered on Government website:…

Additionally our Director is a Fellow of the institute of Patent and Trademark Attorneys of Australia and New Zealand

When we represent you, our Trademark Attorney phone and email you to ensure your important Trademark rights do not lapse.

We don’t submit your phone number or email when lodging a Trademark Application at the Trademark Office. Rest assured you are safe with our Trademark Attorney Firm, for the long term.

Our Expert Trademark Attorneys are ready to represent your Trademark affairs today.

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