Trademark Application Form


IP Australia doesn’t

Represent your interests, provide legal advice and doesn’t cover common law.

Cover you in the event of an Opposition or Federal Court action.

Cover you if they get it wrong or if you infringe.

Review whether your application contains faults which could void it.

Are there other risks?

Many, here are two examples.

You spend 7 months on the Trademark Application, just to find you’ve got an infringement with another party and you need to start again with a new brand too. But what name do you safely use?

8 years later when you thought things were going well, IP Australia cancels your trademark registration because a rival applies for cancellation.

D.I.Y Trademarks

You find out you infringe, when it’s too late.

24 years experience

We know where the hidden gaps are.

We understand how to really minimise your risk. 

We professionally represent your legal interests, not just lodge Applications.

Be represented with the security of knowing the Trademark is lodged correctly, the first time.


Trademark Application Form

Conduct trademark searches to identify trademark infringements.

Prepare and lodge enforceable Trademark applications to protect your Logo, Brand, Company Name, Business Name and Slogans.