Australian Trademark Form – The Easy Way

Our conduct comprehensive searches seek to work out your risks in conflicts, oppositions, court orders for infringements and brand contests NOW, rather finding out a nasty surprise years later. Alternatively you can wear this long term risk if we just apply for a trademark, but note that the Government doesn’t warranty these risks. Searches are recommended for the followings reasons: Could another party with rights to the same name (or variant) sue you for Trademark Infringement? Will the Trademark Office refuse a Trademark Application in 4-6 months when they assess it? Will a competitor oppose your trademark in 6-8 months time during the opposition period for a trademark application? Will a rival be able to take Court action and sue you even if you have a Trademark resulting in cancellation of your rights? If you are developing a logo, we recommend that you firstly check that the words used don’t infringe a trademark