UGG Trademark: Sued for selling online

Recently, the Chicago Court decided that Australian UGG boot-maker Eddie Oygur infringed a Trademark. Mr. Oygur had to pay $640,000 compensation. Also, Mr. Oygur had to pay Trademark Lawyer prosecution costs.

Decker purchased the UGG Australia Trademark rights in 1995 and sued Mr. Oygur for breach of their United States (USA) Trademark Registration.

Because many businesses are selling online they are living dangerously with this trademark infringement risk. Compensation and Court action can bankrupt a business quickly. Having a Trademark Lawyer or Trademark Attorney represent you is much cheaper. Our Trademark Attorneys regularly provide infringement opinions for start-ups.

Decker argued that the USA UGG trademark is widely accepted and popular with USA residents. They have over US $1 billion in sales each year, so were quick to take legal action.

Mr. Oygur main argued that UGG originates in Australia, and UGG is generic. This was dismissed by the Chicago Court.

Decker is the owner of the trademark rights in over 100 countries globally. Decker don’t have exclusivity to the Australian UGG Trademark.

Our Trademark Attorney firm has conducted an enquiry and found that there are over 62 Australian UGG trademark applications or trademark registrations. They are owned by different owners.

If you need our help our Trademark Attorneys can conduct overseas Trademark searches. If no conflict, then we can protect your Overseas Trademark.

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