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Tesla buys a patent for a conductive paste to glue solar cells inside a module and the patent owner company for $2.6 billion!

Imagine filing a patent, not knowing where it might go, and then finding out your idea is worth more than the X-lotto could ever offer you.

Well this is exactly what happened to SolarCity.

6 months after they lodged United States Patent No 9,748,434 entitled “Systems, method and apparatus for curing conductive paste”, Tesla made an offer and bought SolarCity for $2.6 billion!

The patent covers a “polymer paste” to glue the solar solar cells inside a module together that allows electricity to flow from cell to cell, and is meant to be more flexible and resistant to temperature changes than soldered metal connections between cells.

In a nut shell, it saves thousands in wires, and heavy maintenance and issues with wires (fires, disconnections, etc).

The clever patent creates a bond between panels, requires heat ranging from 200 to 600 degrees Celsius, and moves them along a conveyor belt, rather than using a batch or stationary process.

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