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 Alex Ferrante

Alex Ferrante

Director of Australian Patent & Trademark Services Pty Ltd.

“Australian Made” wins legal action against Chinese counterfeit imports

ILLEGAL IMPORTS into Australia:
“Australian Made” wins legal action against Chinese counterfeit imports

EAORON skincare products were ripped off, to the value of $150,000 arrived on Australian shores from China, featuring the fake “Australian Made” logo.

They were seized by customs officials.

Counterfeit imports are on the rise due to the e-commerce boom as more people shop online.

How can your business stop fake products?
1. Ensure your Intellectual Property is in place and properly protected by professionals for you: To have a chance in successfully stopping imported counterfeit goods, customs require your intellectual property to be legally correct, otherwise Customs won’t act. This is not assessed by the Australian Intellectual Property Government body when you lodge an application.

2. Set up monitoring on the internet to find a potential import: If you don’t know how, contract a trademark attorney firm to do it for you.

3. Alert your legal representatives early, preferably before the shipment arrives!

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For more details, see:…/australian-made-campaig…/

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