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 Alex Ferrante

Alex Ferrante

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The Beckhams Trademark their daughter’s name “Harper Beckham”:

The Beckhams Trademark their daughter’s name “Harper Beckham”

So can you use your personal name as your business name?
Your birthright to a name does not actually provide a commercial right to use it as a trademark.

The Beckham’s Trademark Lawyers recently registered their daughter’s name “Harper Beckham” as a trademark in Europe. They covered entertainment services, and a variety of other goods, such as bleaches, printed matter, leather, umbrellas, perfume, clothing, toys, dolls, music and entertainment.

Their Trademark Lawyers also registered as Trademarks her older siblings names: Cruz, 12, Romeo, 14, and Brooklyn.

So you should seek to trademark your name as soon as possible in order to prevent a person with the same name offering your goods and services.

There are many other examples, such as JIM’S CLEANING, JIM’S, JIM’S PLUMBING, JIM’S BUILDING INSPECTIONS, JIM’S LOCKSMITHS, JIM’S GARDEN CARE, JIM’S REMOVALS AUSTRALIA, Jenny Craig, Jenny’s Cuisine, McDonalds, Smith’s Crisps.

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