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 Alex Ferrante

Alex Ferrante

Director of Australian Patent & Trademark Services Pty Ltd.

Beyonce and Jay-Z Trademark their daughter’s name ‘Blue Ivy’

Since the birth of their first child, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, they have been advised to trademark their daughter’s name, Blue Ivy Carter.

In today’s world, the protection afforded by trademarks for names is being used extensively, and especially in the world of the famous. Beyoncé’s company, BGK Trademark Holdings, LLC, filed an intent-to-use trademark application for the mark BLUE IVY CARTER for a wide range of goods and services, including fragrances, baby and hair products, and entertainment services, to name a few.

However, Beyoncé was not the first to apply! Two other entities beat her to the Trademark Office.

A few days after BLUE IVY was born a clothing designer, Joseph Mbeh, applied to register BLUE IVY CARTER NYC in connection with infant, toddler and junior clothing. The trademark application was objected to on the basis of an earlier registration.

It remains to be seen whether Beyoncé’s application will also be refused.

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