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 Alex Ferrante

Alex Ferrante

Director of Australian Patent & Trademark Services Pty Ltd.

Case Study: Trademark Rights voided

Recent Case Study:

A Business owner came to our Trademark Attorneys for help with their Trademark situation.

They were caught out by lodging a Trademark Application without representation. They thought everything was going smoothly as it was Accepted by the Trade Marks Office, IP Australia (

A competitor lodged opposition to Registration of the after acceptance, some 7 months after they lodged the Application.

Unfortunately, they were up against a legally represented, large-brand company.

It cost them around $30,000 in compensation claims, plus more (still adding up) to defend the opposition. They lost the trademark and their trademark application, and their business came to a complete halt because they had to find a new brand

The moral of the story is … Do not lodge a Trademark Application unless you know with confidence that there is little risk of Trademark Infringement, because you may be entering into a costly legal infringement minefield. Even if it’s accepted, this can be reversed through the Courts if you weren’t entitled to the Trademark Registration.

We can work out, within 5-7 working days, if there is likely to be a problem or not.

To get started, fill out this form so we can help you avoid being threatened by Trademark Lawyers representing a competitor:

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